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PVC memberanes: The Ultimate Guide


While you are choosing to purchase quality PVC memberanes, there are a few important points to know before you begin.


PVC memberanes

PVC memberanes can be divided into the following five types:

PVC memberanes advantages

Advantages of PVC waterproof rolls in roofing applications in high temperature climates

Advantages of PVC waterproof coil in photovoltaic roof waterproof

China PVC Membranes supplier

PVC Membranes supplier




PVC memberanes


Polyester fiber reinforced polyvinyl chloride PVC memberaned material is a thermoplastic PVC coiled material, PVC waterproof coiled material with PVC resin as the main component, adding plasticizer and modified materials, etc., through calending, extrusion, coating and other process processing, belongs to the polymer material. General PVC coil is made of polyester fiber fabric as reinforcement, so that the double-sided PVC plastic layer and the polyester reinforcement in the middle are combined into one polymer memberanes. The polyvinyl chloride plastic layer is combined with the polyester fabric of network structure to make the memberanes stable and low coefficient of thermal expansion. To enhance the long-term performance of coils directly exposed to the natural environment.




PVC memberanes can be divided into the following five types:


Homogeneous PVC waterproofing materials (H), with the backing of PVC waterproofing materials (L), within the fabric enhanced PVC waterproofing materials (P), glass fiber enhanced PVC waterproofing materials (G), glass fiber in reinforced with fiber backing PVC waterproofing materials (GL), Among them, class H PVC waterproof coil is a smooth sheet without reinforcing material inside and without backing material outside.




PVC memberane advantages


PVC waterproof memberaned material is an excellent green waterproof material, rich raw material sources, renewable utilization, harmless to the human body and environment and other advantages, so in national difference planning target of "double carbon" and the state advocates cuts, PVC waterproofing materials has also been a key areas of polymer memberanes product promotion, occupies an important position in the building material industry.


1, easy welding, easy construction. The lap joint can be hot welded by automatic temperature control welding gun or welding machine. The lap joint will not fall off or peel off. The product characteristics can also make the construction more convenient and save manpower and material resources for the construction.


2, anti steam permeability and anti penetration ability is strong, suitable for underground engineering, water conservancy engineering. The PVC WATERPROOF memberanes produced by our company according to the professional formula has excellent wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, not easy to be oxidized by ozone and aging, antibacterial and mildew proof.


3. PVC memberanes produced by our company is easy to maintain and repair in the later period.


4. PVC waterproof rolls produced by our company with advanced equipment are made of environment-friendly raw materials and technologies, which are renewable and recyclable through a variety of ways to achieve the goal of green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free under the "double carbon" development goal.


5. It is the preferred material for energy saving in photoelectric roof engineering.




Advantages of PVC memberanes in roofing applications in high temperature climates


PVC memberanes is suitable for non-exposed roof and underground engineering as waterproof layer;

PVC memberanes has obvious advantages. It has high tensile strength, good elongation rate, aging resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, root penetration resistance, long service life, and no environmental pollution. PVC memberanes has good effect in anti-seepage engineering.

The PVC memberanes produced by our company adopts its own formula and is produced by environmental protection raw material technology, which can be recycled. Compared with the traditional PVC memberanes, our PVC memberanes has passed the national inspection standard value. The product performance is stable, the surface reflects ultraviolet radiation, the temperature is low, the durability is high, and it has excellent high and low temperature resistance. There is no pressure in the construction under high temperature weather environment, which ensures the durability and high temperature resistance, and ensures the seepage prevention of the roof. Its 30-year service life meets the waterproof safety of the building and shortens the labor cost in the later period.




Advantages of PVC memberanes in photovoltaic roof waterproof


1, PVC memberanes lap edge using hot air welding, joint firm, based on the excellent elongation of PVC memberanes, it can adapt to the large span building, waterproof effect is reliable.

2, photovoltaic module through the short column connection, photovoltaic module and roof there is a certain operating space, such as coil damage, can be maintained at any time, easy construction, reduce maintenance costs, ensure the waterproof effect of the roof.

3. The PVC memberanes has a long service life, with a proven service life of more than 25 years, matching the service life of the photovoltaic module.

Our company has high-quality PVC memberanes production equipment and strong scientific research force, independent research and production of high-quality PVC waterproof memberanes has a variety of qualification certification. Our PVC waterproof coil not only has excellent weather resistance (low temperature resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance), easy to operate, the whole construction green pollution-free. PVC waterproof memberanes has been widely used in various industrial and civil building roofing, in order to ensure the waterproof effect for customers at the same time to solve worries.




China PVC Membranes supplier


PVC Membranes supplier offers a wide range of membranes to meet the needs of various industries. The company's membranes are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. The supplier also offers a variety of customization options, which allows customers to tailor their membranes to their specific needs.


PVC membranes are a popular choice for water filtration, as they can be easily installed and have a long lifespan. These membranes are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a durable and cheap material. PVC membranes are widely used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical production.




PVC Membranes supplier


We, PVC Membranes supplier, produce various building materials, such as PVC Membranes, and attain a worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer.


PVC Membranes offer several advantages over other membrane technologies. They are environmentally friendly, can be easily cleaned, and offer high resistance to chemicals and oils. In addition, PVC membranes are stronger and more durable than other types of membranes, making them a good choice for applications where high performance is required.

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