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Roofing Screws

Stitching Screw

MATERIAL: Carbon Steel

SIZE: M5.5 M6.3


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    Understanding Self-Tapping Screws


    What are Self-Tapping Screws?


    Self-tapping screws, as the name suggests, are fasteners designed with a unique ability to create their own threads when driven into a material. Unlike traditional screws that require pre-drilled pilot holes, self-tapping screws have a sharp, pointed tip that enables them to cut into the material and form threads during installation. This feature makes them particularly popular for quick and efficient assembly processes.


    How Self-Tapping Screws Work


    The working principle of self-tapping screws is quite simple yet effective. As the screw is rotated into the material, its sharp point initiates the process of creating a helical path by displacing the material around it. This results in the formation of threads, allowing the screw to tightly grip the material and hold it securely in place.

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