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Roofing Coil Nails

Screw coil nail

Product category: Fasteners/Coil Nails

Material: Steel

Specification: optional

Usage: Pallet;Furniture;Package;Woodwork

Origin: China

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  • Information

    About deck coil nails


    Coil nails are nails that have been coiled into a spiral. They are used to fasten boards together and are driven into the wood with a hammer. Coil nails are available in different sizes, depending on the project. They are also available in different colors, so they can be matched with the color of the wood.


    Deck coil nails


    Coil nails are nails that come in a coil form, as opposed to being in a stick form. This type of nail is commonly used for framing and sheathing applications. They are also often used in roofing and subflooring applications. Coil nails are available in both smooth and ring shank varieties.


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